Microphone will be set up right at the nexus of the main sidewalk and the two walks on the sides for the wedding party people. Speakers should be set up at the back of the gazebo. Use dotted IKEA curtains to frame opening. Tie back with pink ribbon. Katie Rae will add two floral sconces to the tie backs. Katie Rae will add a ~ 15 ft greens swag that hangs down from the top.

Lemon tree, two sets of gardening gloves, back of dirt and new pot will all need to be placed a bit back and to the side from where Gwen will stand. Or perhaps it can be right behind her and she can stand to the side when we go do the planting.


Chairs will be set up around the gazebo.

Lavender in glassine bags will be set on all the guest seats for tossing after the ceremony.

A long "fringe" of streamers will be taped to the backs of the last row of seats to add some color. Not yet made but will look like this:

Program written on brown kraft and put inside the big frame. Hang or put on easel. Let's put the easel just to the side of the walkway about six feet or more behind the last row of chairs.


Set up two six-foot tables (can we just take the ones from inside the lodge? There are already too many)

Let's set them up on the outside of the bend of the sidewalk down to the gazebo and have them kinda hug the curve of the walkway. So looking at this picture, to the left of the walk and kinda under the trees.



Linens: one navy solid, one yellow gingham:





Dish #1: Cherry Chutney served alongside (do not pour over!) Clemson blue cheese and graham crackers
Served on blue and white cheese plate from registry

Dish #2: Blackberry-jalapeno jam with a soft cheese and crackers
Served on large white ceramic platter from Target and 

Dish #3: Sweet P's wings - spicy garlic and dry rub
Serve in foil dish that we will get from Sweet P's

Dish #4: Pickle plate with pickled peanuts
Served on five sectioned white ceramic Target platter
Cut asparagus and pickle spears in half or chunks
Five types of pickles on the platter: Asparagus, bread and butter (save one jar for dinner too), Carneys, Greeks, Zombie Parts
Serve pickled peanuts in the oval side dish with spoon and place small little oval paper dishes right next to them with spoons in small jelly jars

Dish #5: Biscuits with homemade jam
Biscuits: in large picnic basket with closable top (do we need sign or can we just prop the top open?)
Jams arranged on round corrugated metal tray from Target
Need two towels - one large for inside to line the biscuit basket, one smaller to line jam tray


Three bug shields go on top of platters with jams and cheeses.



Four printed 4x6 cards in frames for dishes



Put out table games: cracker barrel triangle games, rug checkers and Hanabi
Do we need another table for this?